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navigating the store's seasonal candy aisle is one of life's greatest guilty pleasures. enter one of the world's oldest and most iconic confectionaries, giving us the perfect balance of crispy outside and the creamiest chocolate inside. sounds like the way we talk about our cookies but no, we're talking about cadbury mini eggs, now buried inside a chipkick chocolate chip cookie. creamy inside, crispy outside, buried into a creamy inside and finished with a crispy outside. inception? nope. perfection.

your perfect easter egg hunt experience, delivered. 

chipkick cadburied cookie

  • signature chipkick base
  • milk chocolate chips
  • cadbury mini eggs

*contains: wheat, soy, milk, eggs. our cookies are made in a facility where cross contamination of allergens can occur. this includes soy, dairy, tree nuts, wheat, and peanuts.


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